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Lord Buddha who Relived Millions of Live Beings from their Permanent Suffering to Eternal Bliss 

Gautama Buddha is considered to be the epitome of wisdom and knowledge. His life is an inspiration for many people who can't cope up with the increasing pressures of today's fast paced life.

 The Teachings of Buddha talk about realizing your inner self and finally the
attainment of Nirvana or total bliss.


Princess Maha Maya the Mother who gave Birth to the Greatest Human on earth The Buddha  Sees a Dream before Prince Siddaratha is Conceived

 It's believed that Gautama Buddha was born in 563 B.C. in Lumbini (Today in Nepal). Gautama Buddha forms an important character in the history of ancient India. 


Birth and First Utterance of Lord Buddha 

King Suddhodana, the ruler of Sakhya clan was the father of Buddha. 
His mother's name was Maya. He was born in a small grove at a place called Lumbini
while his mother was on her way to her maternal home for the delivery of the
child. It is said that the birth of the Buddha took place among many auspicious
signs. The Gods themselves made preparations for the birth of the child.

Flowers bloomed on the tree under which he was born, gentle rains calmed the
weather, light music filled the air and calm smells filled the atmosphere. When
Buddha was born, his body is said to have borne thirty two auspicious signs or
birthmarks, which indicated that his future was going to be very bright. His
mother died seven days after giving birth to him and he was brought up by her
sister named Mahaprajapati who became his foster mother. 

Hermit Asitha Predicts that the Baby Prince will be a Buddha One Day

The king made preparations for an elaborate celebration after he was born. The
baby was named Siddhartha, which means someone who accomplishes his aims.
During the grand celebrations, great sages were called to predict the baby's

The astrologers predicted that the child had a bright future and would
be known throughout the world either as a powerful emperor or a revered monk
who would leave his house and other worldly pleasures to become a holy and
enlightened person.

Siddhartha got married at the age of sixteen to a girl named Yashodhara and had
a son named Rahula. 

Marriage of Prince Sidhartha to Princess Yashodra 

The king was worried about the prediction about his son becoming a monk and
asked what would make him turn into a monk. The astrologers predicted that four
signs would prompt him to leave his worldly possessions and seek salvation.
These would be an old crippled man, a diseased man, a corpse and a monk. The
king grew worried about this prediction and made sure that his son never went
out of the palace and brought him everything he wanted inside the palace

Visit to the Park with Channa the Minister 

 One day, he somehow managed to bribe a servant to take himout of the palace. As predicted by the astrologers, he saw a crippled old man,a diseased man, a corpse and finally a peaceful monk. The first three disturbed him to a great extent and made him realize that life and beauty were not permanent. However, when he saw the serene and calm on the face of the monk, he made a decision that he would leave all his worldly possessions and pursue a saintly life. 

The Young Prince Siddartha Leaves all Worldly Possessions and Leaves the Place in search of the Truth to Suffering in the World.

Prince Siddhartha leaves the Palace  with one of his Minsters  Channa to the Banks of Neranja the River to become a Hermit

Siddhartha left his family, palace, power and all worldly possessions for
pursuing a saintly life. He shaved his head, put on yellow robes and proceeded
towards the capital of Magadha known as Rajgriha. He then went towards the
hills located near this kingdom where hermits were supposed to live in caves.
He requested a hermit named Alamo Kalamo to guide and instruct him. After some
time Siddhartha decided to go to another hermit for the pursuit of

The Prince Siddhartha Becomes a Hermit

He was determined to practice extreme forms of Yogic austerities
to attain inner bliss. He stopped taking food entirely and became very weak by
this constant torture.

One day as he was trying to meditate, some dancing girls passed by the place
where he was sitting. The song they were singing suddenly made Siddhartha
realize that self torture is not going to help and staying away from food does
not mean the attainment of true happiness. 

The Hermit Siddhartha tries out Extremes Ways of Meditation in Search of Emancipation to the Suffering of the Beings in the Universe

 Thus, he began to eat again and gave up extreme forms of meditation and other practices. He realized that inner peace can be attained only if the body and mind is happy and free of any forms of pain or torture. 

Sujatha Offers Milk Rice ( Kiri Pidu ) to Hermit Siddhartha When he rives form Difficult Forms of Meditation.

He sat in deep meditation under the shadow of a large peepal tree, which later
came to be known as Bo-tree or tree of wisdom. He just wanted to attain full illuminationand was even ready to give up his life for the sake of enlightenment. He was distracted by Maya (worldly pleasures) many times but he did not get allured
and remained adamant in his position. 

Prince Siddhartha on the Full Moon Day of Waishaka ( Vesak ) Attained Enlightenment defeating all Evil Forces of Mara which Keeps all beings in Permanent Suffering and Became the Lord Buddha in the Name of Gauthama the 4th Great Buddha in the Entire Universe in this Era

Th First Words of Buddha

Aneka jathi sansaran ...

Sanda Vissan Anibhissan

Ghakaraka Gawesanto

Dukka jathi Punappunang 

Gaha Karaka Dihithosi 

Punagehan Na kahasi 

Sabba The Pasuka Bagga

Gahakutan Visankithan 

Visanka Raga Than Chithan

Thanna Han Kaya Majja Ga   

The Meaning-

Many house of life - Hath Held me - Seeking Ever Him 

who Wrought 

These of  Prison of the Senses , Sorrow - fraught ;  

So was my ceaseless Strife !

But Now 

Thou builder of this tabernacle- 

Thou !

I know thee ! Never Shalt thou build again.

These walls of pain 

Nor raise the Roof - tree of deceits , nor lay

fresh rafters on the clay ; Broken 

Thy House is , and the ridgepole 

split , Safe pass I thence - 

Deliverance to Obtain    

Finally, he emerged victorious and attained full enlightenment. He was delighted that he spent  seven days , memorizing the Eternal knowledge and Bliss he gained . After that  his face was shone with divine glow and his heart was filled with compassion and happiness towards all living beings.

First Discourse of Dhamma Sermon preached by Lord Buddha at Varanasi Isipathana at a Place called Migadaya in India 


Buddha Preaching the Truth of Live and Suffering and How to End Suffering For Ever 

Buddha (Enlightened One) traveled far and wide disseminating the knowledge he
had gained. He preached the information and benefits he had gained from the
enlightenment. He traveled to Varanasi once and gave a discourse to an audience
that comprised of people from all walks of life. His preaching made an impact
on everyone present there and a rich man known as Yasa converted to Buddhism.
The next in line were Yasa's parents. Thousands followed thereafter and adopted
Buddhism as not just their religion but a way of life. 

Buddaha's Discourses covered all the aspects of Universe in the Form of Thiripitaka , which covered 84,000 Facts of Eternal Laws or Dhamma he preached Via

1. Vinaya Pitaka 

2. Suthra Pitaka

3. Abidarma  Pitaka ( Delivered to Deva a and Most Intelligent Beings )

He saved Millions of Beings from their Suffering with 45 years of Service to all Kinds of living Beings seen to the naked Eye or Otherwise such as Dewa's , Brahma's  , Animals , Other 
Un -  Foreseen beings  

 Lord Buddha the greatest Emancipator of the Universe at All times who saved Millions of Living Beings from Inferring Passed away to Nirwana or Eternal Bliss at the age of 80 due to illness caused.

Lord Buddha Passes Away to Nirwana or the Place of Eternal Bliss

 The Last Words of Buddha 

Handa dhani Bikkawe Amanthayami -Wo Wayadhamma Sankara, Appamadena Sampadetha

 Oh ! Bhikkus , Listen to me , All sanskaras' ( All we See , Hear and Touch )  are impermenant - Thus without delay strife to achieve the Eternal Bliss