Dhammpada - Arahantha Wagga



    1.                                             .Gataddhino Visokassa

                                                                    Vippamuttassa Sabbadhi

                                                     Sabba ganthappahinassa 

                                                                    Parilaho na Vijjati 


                                          NO SUFFERING FOR THE EMANCIPATED  
      Meaning - For him who has completed the journey for him who is sorrowless, for him who 
                         from everything is wholly free, for him who has destroyed all ties , the fever
                        ( of passion )exists not.

    2.                                             .Uyyun Janti Satimantho

                                                                    Na Nikete Ramanthi te 

                                                     Hamsa  Va Pallalam Hithwa   

                                                                    Okam Okam Jahanti te 


                                          ARAHANTS ARE FREE FROM ATTACHMENT  
      Meaning - . Arahants wander Whither so ever they like without any attachment 
                           to any  particular place as they are free from conception of "I " and " mine " 

    3.                                             .Yesam sannicayo Natthi

                                                                    Ye parinnatabhojana 

                                                     Sunnato animitto ca   

                                                                     Vimokkho Yassa Gocaro
                                                      Akase va sakuntanam 
                                                                      Gati tesam durannaya 


                                                          BE NOT ATTACHED TO FOO  
      Meaning - .      They for who there is no accumulation , who reflect well over their food ,                                  who have deliverance which is  Void and Sinless , as their object , their course like that of birds in the air cannot be traced.

 4. .                                                  Yassasava parikkhina 

                                                                    adhre ca anissito 

                                                        Sunnato animitto ca   

                                                                     Vimokkho yassa gocaro
                                                      Akase va sakuntanam 
                                                                      Padam tassa durannayam 


                                              FREE ARE THE UNDEFILED ONES    
      Meaning - . He whose corruptions are destroyed , he who is not attached to food , he
                            who has deliverance which is Void and Signless , as his object , his path ,  
                           like that of birds in the air , cannot be traced

 5. .                                                  Yass " indriyani samatham gatani 

                                                                    assa yatha sarathina sudanta 

                                                        Pahinamanassa anasavassa   

                                                                    Deva pi tassa pihayanti tadino


                                                 THE SENSE CONTROLLED ARE DEAR TO ALL     
      Meaning - . He whose senses are subdued , like steeds well - trained by a cahrioteer,
                           he whose pride is destroyed and is free from corruptions - such a steadfast 
                           one even the gods hold dear.
 6. .                                                  Pathavi samo no virujjhati 

                                                                    indakhilupamo tadi subbato 

                                                        Rahado va a petakaddamo  

                                                                  samsara na bhavanti tadino

                                        LIKE THE EARTH ARAHANTS RESENT NOT      
      Meaning - . Like the earth , a balanced and well disciplined person resents not . He is 
                           comparable to an " Indrakhila " . Like a Pool , un sullied by mud , is he 
                           to such a balanced one life's wanderings do not arise.

 7. .                                                  Santam tassa manam hoti  

                                                                    Santa caca kamma ca  

                                                        Sammadanna vi muttassa  

                                                                    upasantassa tadino

                                                 THE CALM ARE THE PEACEFUL     
      Meaning - . Calm is his mind , calm is his speech , calm is his action , who rightly 
                           knowing is wholly freed perfectly preaceful , and equipoised.. 

 8. .                                                  Assaddho akatannu ca   

                                                                    sandhicchedo ca yo naro   

                                                       Hatavakaso vantaso  

                                                                    sa ve uttama poirso

                                                 NOBLE IS HE WHO IS NOT CREDULOUS     
      Meaning -  The man who is not credulous , who understands the Un create ( Nibbana ) 
                           , who has put an end to occasion ( Of good and Evil ) , who has eschewed all 
                           desires,  he is indeed , is a supreme man. 

 9. .                                                  Game va yadi va ranne    

                                                                    ninne va yadi va thale    

                                                        Yattha rahanto viharanti  

                                                                    tam bhumim ramaneyyakam 

                              DELIGHTFUL IS THE SPOT WHERE ARAHANTS DWELL     
      Meaning -  Whether in the Village or in Forest , in vale or on hill , whereever Arahants
                           dwell , - delightful , indeed , is that spot.

 10. .                                                 Ramaniyanim arannani     

                                                                    Yattha na ramati jano     

                                                         Vita raga ramissanti   

                                                                    Na te Kamagavesino  

                              DELIGHTFUL ARE THE FORESTS TO PASSIONLESS     
      Meaning -  Delightful are the forests where worldlings delight not ; the passionless will 
                           rejoice (Therein ) , fort they seek no sensual pleasures.