Dhammapada - Panditha Wagga


( THE WISE   )

     .                                    Nidhinam  va  pavattaram 
                                                             Yam passé vajjadassinam

                                            Niggayhavadim medhavim
                                                              tadisam panditam bhaje

                                            Tadisam bhaja manassa

                                                              Seyyo hoti na papiyo                                         


                            ASSOCIATE WITH THE WISE WHO TO CORRECT YOU
      Meaning -      Should one see a wise man , who likes a revealer a treasure 
                             , points out faults and re - approves ; let one associate with such a wise
                             person ; it will be better , not worse for him who associates with such a

2.                                            Ovaddeyyanusa seyya

                                                               Asabbha ca Nivaraye                                               
                                                Satam hi so piyo hoti

                                                              Asatam hoti appiyo

                                                Seyyo hoti na papiyo                                         


                            ADVISERS ARE PLEASING TO THE GOOD , BUT TO THE BAD 
      Meaning -      Let him advise , instruct and dissuade one from evil , truly pleasing 
                              is he the good , displeasing is he to the bad.

3.                                            Na bhaje Papake Mitte 

                                                               Na bhaje Purisadame                                                
                                               Bhajetha Mitte Kalyane 

                                                              Bahajetha Purisuttame 


                                                    CULTIVATE GOOD FRIENDSHIP  
      Meaning -     Associate not with evil friends , associate not with mean men; Associate 
                             with Good friends , associate with Noble men.  

4..                                            Dhammapiti Sukkham sethi 

                                                               Vippassannena Cetasa                                               
                                                 Ariyappavedite Dhamme
                                                               Sada Ramathi  Pandito                                              


                               HAPPILY HE LIVES WHO DRINKS OF THE DHAMMA  
      Meaning -      He who imbibes the Dhamma abides in happiness with mind pacified ; the 
                              wise man ever delights in the dhamma revealed by the Ariyas

5.                                            Udakam hi Nayanthi Nettika 

                                                              Usukara Namayanthi Tejanam                                                
                                                Darum Namayanthi tacchaka 

                                                              Attanam Damayanti Panditha 


                                                THE WISE CONTROL THEMSELVES  
      Meaning -      Irrigaters  lead waters , fl-etchers bend the shafts , carpenters bend the wood ;                              thus the wise control themselves.   

6.                                            Selo yatha ekaghano 

                                                             Vatena na samirati
                                               Evam ninda pasam sasu  

                                                             Na saminjanti Pandita  


                                                UN SHAKEN AS A ROCK ARE THE WISE 
                                                           AMIDST PRAISE AND BLAME   
      Meaning -      As a solid Rock is not shaken by the wind , even so the wise are not ruffled 
                              by praise or blame.  

7.                                            Yatha pi rahado gambhiro 

                                                             vippasanno anavilo 
                                               Evam dhammani sutavana   

                                                             vippasidanti pandita   


                                                    THE WISE ARE PEACEFUL 

      Meaning -   Just as Depp lake is clear  and still , even so , on hearing the teachings , the 
                            wise become exceedingly peaceful. 

8.                                            Sabattha ve sappurisa cajanti  

                                                             na kama kama la payanti santo
                                               Sukhens phutta athava dukhens  

                                                             Na uccavacam pandita dassayanti   


                              THE WISE ARE NEITHER ELATED NOR DEPRESSED
      Meaning -      The Good give up attachment for every thing ; the sanity prattle not with 
                               sensual craving ; whether affected by happiness or pain , the wise show 
                               neither elation nor depression 

9.                                            Na attahetu  na parassa  hetu  

                                                             na putta micche na dhanam na rattham
                                               Na iccheyya adhammena samiddhim attano   

                                                             sa sila va panna va dhammiko Siya    


                               SUCCESS SHOULD NOT BE SOUGHT BY WRONGFUL MEANS 
      Meaning -  Neither for the sake of oneself nor for the sake of another ( does a wise
                          a wise person do any wrong ) ; he should not desire son , wealth or kingdom
                         ( by doing wrong ) : by un just means he should not seek his own success .  
                         Then ( only ) such a one is indeed virtuous , wise and righteous. 

10.                                           Appaka te manussesu   

                                                             Ye jana paragamino
                                                 Athayam itara paja   

                                                             tiramevanu dhavati                                              

                                                            FEW GO BEYOND 
      Meaning -      Few are the among men who go beyond ; the rest of mankind only run 
                               about on the bank.

11.                                           Ye ca kho samma dhakketa   

                                                             Dhamme Dhamma nu vattino 
                                                 te jana para messanti    

                                                             Maccu dheyyam Suduttaram                                               

                              THOSE WHO FOLLOW THE DHAMMA GO BEYOND
      Meaning -    But those who act righteously according to the Teachings of , which is well 
                             expounded , those are they who wll reach beyond Nibbana ( Crossing ) the 
                            realm of passions , so hard to cross. 

12.                                           Kanham Dhammam Vippahaya   

                                                             Sukkam Bhavetha Panditho
                                                 Oka Anokam Agamma    

                                                             Viveke Yattha Duramam 

13                                                  Tarabhiratim Iccheyya   

                                                             Hitva Kame akincano
                                                 Pariyoda Peyya Attanam     

                                                             Citta Kelsehi Panditho

14                                                 Yesam sambodhi Angesu    

                                                             Samma Cittam Subhavitam 
                                                  Adana Patinissagge     

                                                              Anu Padaya ye Ratha 

                                                  Khina Jithi mantho 
                                                              te Loke Parinibbuta  

                                                                            12 - 13

                               GIVE UP EVIL , CULTIVATE GOOD AND SEEK HAPPINESS IN
                                                  THE NON ATTACHED ARE PEACEFUL 
      Meaning -  Coming from to the homeless  , the wise man should abandon dark states 
                           and cultivate the bright. He should seek great delight in detachment 
                          ( Nibbana ) , so hard to enjoy , Giving up sensual pleasures , with no 
                           impediments, the wise man should cleanse himself of the impurities 
                           of the mind.
     Meaning -  When minds are well perfected in the Factors of Enlightenment . who 
                          without clinging , delight in the "Giving upof Grasping " (i.e Nibbana ),
                          tey the corruption - free , shining Ones , have attained Nibbana in this 

                          World .